So we did the thing.

To elaborate - Sarah and I have decided to start a vlog on YouTube entitled “Diabesties” to keep in contact with each other and discuss this oh-so-exciting, yet invisible, disease. We’re really love for you all to check it out! :) 

You can see my intro here

And Sarah’s is here

Sarah and I are working on a nerdy, but exciting (potential) side-project that directly pertains to the dia-community. We’re really excited! More soon. :)



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Hey y’all. Sorry we’ve been on semi-hiatus. Kerry and I were both working all summer at a camp for kids with special medical needs. It was AMAZING but we were pretty solidly off the interwebs and out of radio range. Metaphorically. Quick shout out to Naomi for posting in our absence (you da bomb).

That being said, we’re back at school and y’all should see more frequent updates from us.

BUUUUUT, while we were gone this blog reached over ONE THOUSAND followers. Whaaaaat. Y’all are great.

In other exciting news, my school is opening up a chapter of the College Diabetes Network and I ended up pretty presidential. We’re a baby club but we’re on the up and up.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and happenings!

Love to all the tumblebetics,


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So my moms works in Mali a lot and has made connections with a lot of people with diabetes there who are in need of supplies.

I’m trying to work on finding meters and test strips but I was wondering if y’all

  1. had any ideas of how to get supply donations (both for t1 treatment and t2, so metformin/other drugs, insulin, meters)
  2. would be up for donating

I know that Insulin for Life does supplies for kids but this would also include adult populations.

Hit up the ask box or submissions with any advice/questions/suggestions!



kokkolainen said: I love this blog, it's just like I wrote it myself. Than you, it just feels really nice <333


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